Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

This is my second blog, the first being Thoughts of a Jewitch, and I've created this because sometimes there are things to say which have nothing to do directly with spirituality or religion which is where I've been trying to keep the focus of Thoughts of a Jewitch - at least tangentially. I've noticed that I'm struggling more and more to make plain the spiritual associations with things I want to talk about lately and rather than lose readers who go there to get a Jewitch perspective or a least a particular Jewitch's perspective, because there's too much other stuff, I'm bringing the other stuff over here. A perfect example of this is the entry about the joys of wildlife sharing the same living space as us.

The plan here is to write about living in the western upper peninsula of Michigan, specifically in the Keweenaw, life on our 58 acre homestead, my interests in old-time skills and my views of the goings on in the US and the world.

I hope you enjoy the entries and find them entertaining, informative, thought provoking, affirming or any combination thereof. Thanks for stopping by.

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